Cypress Junkies at Stones Throw vs Beat Junkies Warehouse Party

Cypress Junkies

Cypress Junkies is a DJ / percussion duo made up of percussionist Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill & Beastie Boys) and DJ Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies), hence where we get the name Cypress Junkies. Over the weekend, I checked them out at the Stones Throw vs. Beat Junkies warehouse party thrown by the good folks of Art Don’t Sleep.

Man, I was quite impressed.

I’ve seen percussionist / DJ performances before that seemed more visual spectacle than some thing musical. Cypress Junkies just didn’t sound like dudes banging on top of beats. Eric Bobo and Rhett played with the right touch that added extra dopeness to the songs they jammed on. Quite intricate to my ears.

I got to talk to Rhett at the end of the night and asked him how they got started. Rhettmatic said about three to four years ago Eric Bobo asked him to lay some scratches on a solo project of his. They continued to experiment and jam, and eventually developed into the live show they have going on today.

Scratch and Response

I really enjoyed the orchestrated call and response moments or shall we call it scratch and response moments Eric Bobo and Rhettmatic pulled off. The clip below isn’t from the warehouse party but an earlier performance. You can get a taste of scratch and response.


Listen to their Mixtape here:

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