Dead Man’s Party on a Saturday Night

With my regular Saturday night DJ gig canceled at the last minute, I find myself and a few friends at the Buccaneer Bar in the city of Sierra Madre on the outskirts of LA County.

Dead Man's Party

At the bar, there was a three piece band, playing mostly covers of the Beatles and Led Zepplin. Quite extraordinarily well, I might add. Later on I learn the musicians are seasoned session players that tour with arena packing classic rock acts.

After a few rounds of Pabst Blue Ribbon (from a tap), we hear the guitarist announce they’ll be playing a cover from the bassist’s old band, who just happen to be the bassist of Oingo Boingo.

Check out this version of “Dead Man’s Party”

If you don’t recognize the song, here’s the official music video.

Bet you didn’t know Iron Man and Rodney Dangerfield were in a movie together.

Now you know.

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