Joe Bataan Talking Story

When I was a kid I thought the coolest Filipino dude I knew from 70s was Uncle Ramon. He worked on a battleship, drove a baby blue BMW 320i, had a stack of Playboys and numerous girlfriends or “Aunties” as I was told to call them.

But on 06/23/11 at the Bayanihan Community Center in downtown San Francisco I had the pleasure to meet legendary Latin-soul artist Joe Bataan. Sorry Uncle Ramon, I going to have to share your title with Joe Bataan.

At this informal talk-story/meet-and-greet Joe Bataan shared some inspirational tales on making music, finding spirituality and understanding culture. Check out the video clips below.

Joe Bataan Talking Story Part 1
“I’m culturally deprived but that’s not gonna stop at my age me to know about my culture”

“I recorded Afro-Filipino in 1976 why has it took so long for Filipinos to note that I exist?”

Joe Bataan Talking Story Part 2
“This big explosion…doing Latin music in English in’65 which became the Boogaloo”

Joe Bataan Talking Story Part 3
“At that time when I took off (from playing music)…I was raising a family…We got into Martial Arts”

“Did I tell you about the rap song?” (Rap-O-Clap-O)

Joe Bataan Talking Story Part 4
“…We’re sitting on our rights…”

I wonder if Uncle Ramon had Joe Bataan’s records back in the 70s.


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